About Nirmal Rani Province

Nirmal Rani Province, Thrissur started its journey as a Region, in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on August 21st 1999. On its growth trajectory, the Region got declared as a vice Province in 2001 with 6 houses (Palayur, Pavaratty, Thrissur, Chennaipara, Pudukad, and Velupadam), 101 seniors and 17 juniors. It was raised to the position of a Province on 15th November 2003. Now Nirmal Rani Province has 15 houses including a Novitiate house and house for initial formation within the jurisdiction of the district. And our Apostolic services are spread out to areas outside Thrissur district also-Sagar (MP), Cloppenburg, Pappenburg (Germany), Napoly (Italy) and Texas (America).

At the beginning, the office of the Regional house was at Nirmala Matha Convent Thrissur, which got shifted to Chettupuzha on 11 January, when the Region was raised to the position of Vice-Province. Sr Cyrilla, the Regional head was then elected as the Provincial of the newly formed Vice-Province with Sr. Gregoria, Sr.Fulgencia, Sr. Elizabeth Kunnekadan and Sr. Mercitta Kannampuzha as the Councillors; Sr. Margaret Kollannur as the Finance Officer and Sr. Mary Palamattath as the Secretary (2009-2003). Later on in 2003, when the Vice-Province was upgraded to the position of a Province, again Sr Cyrilla, the Superior of the Vice Province, was elected as the Provincial Superior with Sr. Kochuthresia, Sr. Alphonsa Moonjely, Sr. Modesta, and Sr. Theophine as councillors, Sr. Margaret Kollannur as Provincial Finance Officer, and Sr. Tesmy Thekkinieth as Provincial Secretary.

Under the nurturing hands of Nirmal Rani, the Province was growing fast adding more members and houses to the Province; The Eucharistic Lord was made known to the world through the newly added houses: Mary Matha Adoration Convent Eyyal, Infant Jesus Adoration Convent Kodannur, S.H. Adoration Novitiate House Padavarad, St. Ann's Adoration Convent Pangarappilly and Nirmala Bhavan Adoration Convent Koonammuchi. From 2006-2009 Mother Mercitta Kannampuzha with her team Sr. Little Maria Thekkekkara, Sr. Margaret Kollannur, Sr. Alphonsa Moonjely, and Sr. Elise Thachil, as Councillors, Sr. Rosily Manjaly as Finance Officer and Sr. Tesmy Thekkinieth as Secretary succeeded Mother Cyrilla. Sanjo Bhavan Adoration Convent Marottichal was launched during this period. Nirmal Rani took a bold step to spread its mission to Sagar diocese during this period. We started perpetual Adoration in a house at Khajuria provided by the diocese.
During the years 2009-2012 Mother Mercitta Kannampuzha was re-elected as Provincial Superior and her team comprised of Sr. Gregoria, Sr. Sophy Pereppadan, Sr. Dolorose, and Sr. Ruby Therese Edassery as Councillors, Sr. Rosily Manjaly as Finance Officer and Sr. Silvy Edathil as Secretary. During this period the Sanjo Community College was established for empowering Women in the Rural Area. Santhi Bhavan Adoration Convent Padavarad was started on 7th March 2012.
The Third Provincial Team of Nirmal Rani Province took up charge in December 2012 with Mother Little Maria Thekkekkara as Provincial Superior and Sr. Sophy Pereppadan, Sr. Alphonsa Moonjely, Sr. Elise Thachil, and Sr. Rosily Manjaly as Councillors, Sr. Tesmy Thekkinieth as Finance Officer, and Sr. Silvy Edathil as Secretary. Nirmala Matha Academy at Koonammoochi was started during this period.
Presently, Nirmal Rani Province is under the able guidance of Mother Little Maria Thekkekkara, the Provincial Superior, Sr. Cyrilla, Sr. Margaret Kollanur, Sr. Linsa Maria Parekkadan, and Sr. Lee Jose Kaiprambatt, as Councillors, Sr. Tesmy Thekkinieth as the Finance Officer and Sr. Lis Therese Kalan as the Secretary.