Eucharistic Apostolate

"Having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end" (Jn, 13:1)

He chose and sealed us to be His own (Eph1:4). Our charism itself is devotion to the Holy Eucharist. This devotion which sprang up from the Eucharistic love that inflamed our founder, Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry, and which is being handed down from generation to generation. So our main apostolate is to foster Eucharistic devotion in others through the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This Eucharistic devotion consists in a life of total surrender to the Lord, consistently growing, through the offering of the Holy Eucharist and through the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Our communities and apostolic fields must be used as means to share our charism.

The Eucharist brings us together with others-young and old, poor and affluent, neighbours and visitors. The Eucharist calls us to see all of them as our own brothers and sisters, and to see in them the face of Christ. Our call to serve the universal Church is carried out through our ministry in the local church. Through our active involvement in the parish ministry we help the people to grow in their faith and to lead a sacramental life. Thus, we help the parish family to become an integral part of the universal Church. With an earnest desire for family renewal and women empowerment, we engage in home visits and conduct welfare programs.

Through faith formation we aim at training children for active participation in the liturgy and the worship of God in truth and spirit, fostering in them life based on Christian values by developing a good conscience. We cooperate in the efforts of the Church in the formation of the youth by instilling in them deep love and fidelity to the Church and thus to enable them to be dedicated to the mystical body of Christ.

In order to attract all, especially the young, to the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist, there are Eucharistic Centres are formed under the leadership of our convents and institutions. Once in a month, the Christeen group and Charismatic group conduct Adoration and prayers. Sisters are actively involved in the renewal programme of the congregation and they offer their service at various retreat centres.

Adoration Apostolate: Pope St. John Paul II has said: Eucharistic adoration is the heritage of our congregation and the privilege of each one of us. We have 13 hour adoration, Intercessory prayers, Navanal adoration, Parents' Core Group Prayer etc.

Angels meet: This is conducted with an intention to help little children grow in the devotion to the Holy Eucharist and to return the abundant love Jesus showered on us by establishing the Holy Eucharist.

Eucharistic Centre: Adoration, home visit, reading of good books, charitable activities etc. are planned to help young people to become aware of the great love Jesus shared with us establishing the Eucharist and by becoming the living bread for us. They are inspired to give lives and comforts for others as Jesus did for the humanity. They are invited to participate in seminars and conventions.

At the School level: Christmas Card making, Star making, Carol song competition, reciting ejaculations ( virtue saying ), Prolife stall, Rosary stall, One day programme on Echaristic prayer for children & Adults

Bible nursery: This is aimed at helping the children below the age of 5 to become aware of the loving message God, given to us through his messengers and words. Children are motivated to memorise the word of God. .

Youth wing: To enable For the youth to become living witness of the Eucharistic love through Adoration, group discussion, debate, family visit, helping the poor etc.

Eucharistic Associates: This is aimed at helping the people, especially women to become rooted in the devotion to the Eucharistic Lord through Adoration, house visiting, reading of good books and participating in various activities such as conventions, Seminars and discussions.

Eucharistic retreat: Retreat is conducted at parish level for families to help them grow in the love of the Holy Eucharist.

Night vigil: Conducted on every First Friday with whole night adoration, talks and prayers.

Radio programs: Various entertainment programs are conducted to inspire the people to grow closer to God. Songs and dance program of the children are planned and aired for the general public.

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